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From the Maximo Support Desk - Issues With Bill To/Ship To Addresses

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Issues With Bill To/Ship To Addresses


Is there a way to verify or edit the Bill To/Ship To Lookup Entries?


The most common cause of unexpected, incorrect, or missing values in the "Bill To/Ship To" look-up is that there is an incorrect or missing configuration of the values at the Organization level. These records and values are configured in the Organizations application.


Another issue that can be caused by incorrect or missing Bill To/Ship To addresses is that the Reorder Cron Task or manual Reorder will not create PRs or POs!


The most common reason for the scenarios described above is that a Site is not configured for the Bill To/Ship To entries.  In fact, if you only see one address (or NO addresses) in the "Bill To/Ship To" look-up, this is likely because because only one address (or no addresses) in the current Organization are specified for the current Site that you are logged in to.


Use the following steps to view and/or edit your current configuration and list of available "Bill To/Ship To" addresses.

  1. Go To Administration | Organizations
  2. Click on the record for the Organization that you wish to view the Addresses for
  3. On the Addresses tab you can view and add Addresses for this Organization
  4. If you look on the Sites tab you can then view and add Addresses for each Site within the Organization
  5. When you highlight the Site in the top part of the screen (Sites), any associated Addresses to this Site will display in the bottom part of the screen (Addresses for Site: )
  6. To add an Address for the Site which is highlighted, click the New Row button in the Addresses section at the bottom of the screen.
  7. You can use the "Select Value" button in the Address field to select any Address which is associated to this Organization.




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