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From the Maximo Support Desk - Under What Conditions Can A Receipt Be Voided?

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Under What Conditions Can A Receipt Be Voided?


Is there a way to void a Receipt that was made in error?

Yes, but the Select Receipts to Void button is not a tool that can be used under just any circumstance.  Specific conditions surrounding the Receipt must be present to actually void the transaction...


















The following conditions will determine whether the current receipt record is eligible to use the Void Receipt function in the Receiving application.

You can void receipts for both rotating items and non-rotating items that meet the following conditions:

  •  where items and services are in WINSP (Waiting for Inspection) status
  •  where items and services have not been inspected

*If the Inspection Flag is = 1, then the receipt can only be voided when the status is still WINSP. Once the status is updated to WASSET, the receipt can no longer be voided

You cannot void receipts if the following conditions are present:

  •  line items have been invoiced
  •  line items and services have been inspected
  •  line items such as rotating assets have been serialized
  •  line items have been partially or fully returned











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