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From the Maximo Support Desk - Detailed Steps To Enable A Second Language Login

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Detailed Steps To Enable A Second Language Login


Did I mention that IBM is a global company?  :)  Maximo is used all over the world, in several continents and countries!  For this reason, it is likely necessary for other global companies to have multiple languages in their Maximo environment for their global user bases.

There is some relatively simple configuration necessary to use a non-English language login in Maximo.  The default login to Maximo is English.  The following procedure describes the steps necessary to configure a second, or non-English language login.  The example used here is for the French language.

Enable the second language onto the English base Maximo instance:

-In Windows, navigate To <maximo installation folder>\lang\

-Right-click on the folder and click Extract All

-Click the Browse button

-Navigate to <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr

-Click to highlight this folder and click OK

-Click the Extract button

-Navigate to the Navigate to <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr\tools\maximo\fr\xliff folder

-Click on the folder and highlight the entire contents (click the first folder displayed, hold down the Shift key, and click the last file displayed in the folder)

-Right-click the highlighted folders/files and drag onto the <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr\xliff folder

-Click the <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr\tools\maximo\fr\xliff folder and drag it onto the <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr folder

-Right-click on <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\fr\tools and click Delete

Enable a login prompt/option for the second language:
-With the application server stopped, open a command prompt on the application server
-Navigate to <maximo installation folder>\maximo\tools\maximo\tdtoolkit -addlangfr
-When the task completes, restart the application server

Log in with second installed language interface:
(example procedure includes inserting a record)
-At the login prompt | Select Language field, use the drop-down arrow and click "francais"
-Go To Stock | Referentiel d'articles
-Click the Nouvel article button on the toolbar
-In the Item field enter "FR-1"
-In the Description field enter "article générique"
-Save the record
-Click the Change Status button on the sidebar
-In the New Status field use the drop-down arrow and click "Actif"
-Click the checkbox for "Passer les nouveaux statuts aux organisation et au stock?"
-Click OK
-Click Add Items To Storeroom link on the sidebar
-In the Storeroom field enter "central" and tab out
-Click OK
-In the Issue Unit field enter "each" and tab out
-In the Order Unit field enter "each" and tab out
-Click OK

Log in with original, or different language interface:
(example procedure demonstrates viewing a record that was created in a different language)
-Log out from the current (second) language interface session
-Log back in using the English selection in the drop-down field
-Go To Inventory | Inventory
-In the Item field enter "fr-1" and press Enter
-Click on FR-1


Hopefully this information will get you up and running with a second language.


Bonne chance mes amis!


Tom Richardson is an IBM Maximo Support Engineer and frequent contributor to the Asset Management Blog community.  For a complete index of links to his articles, visit
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