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From the Maximo Support Desk - Entering Non-Stock Materials on Work Order Plans

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Entering Non-Stock Materials on Work Order Plans


I've now heard this question from a few different Maximo clients over time, so I think I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't say something...

"Is there a way to enter a Direct-Issue, Non-Stock Material item on the Plans tab in Work Order Tracking?"

The observation, or symptom is that the User is not able to select the material item type on the Plans tab in Work Order Tracking.  The type of item that I am discussing is an item that is not marked for regular reorder, is currently not in the Storeroom, but can be ordered from a Vendor on an ad-hoc basis.

The short answer to this question is that this type of Direct Issue material cannot be used on the Plans tab of a Work Order.

This scenario is not supported, and is not a bug.  Please bear in mind that the functionality of being able to record "ad hoc" materials on a Work Order is counter-intuitive to planning materials that will be issued and/or used on a Work Order.  To account for this type of item on a Work Order, however, it can be entered on the Actuals tab (of an Approved Work Order) as long as there has been a PO and receipt for a the material.


If you need to send this information to a User or colleague, you can refer to this URL, which presents this information in a "knowledge base" type format.

Entering Non-Stock Materials on Work Order Plans


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