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Error (TR0120) Transformer can''t write to a file.



In PowerPlay 6.61, cube generation finished with the following message: ********************************************* (TR0120) Transformer can't write to a file. ********************************************* There is free space on disks (11GB, 3GB, 27GB - multiple temp folders).

Resolving The Problem

In your cer1.ini file can you insert this under Services: SORTMEMORY=8192 and set the read/write cache size to 32768.

The SORTMEMORY variable sets the amount of physical memory available to DMS when it is sorting data. Transformer sorts data for consolidation, and sorting is required for auto-partitioning. The number you specify represents the number of 2K blocks used when sorting data.

For example, setting SORTMEMORY=5120 provides 5120 x 2K = 10MB of memory for data sorting. The default setting for SORTMEMORY is 512, or 1MB. As with the PPDS Write Cache, you should increase the setting for SORTMEMORY only if your system's overall physical memory allows it, and if your source data is large.

Assigning more memory to PPDS (via the PPDS_WRITE_MEMORY or Write-CacheSize entries)can improve build time because this reduces the number of disk I/Os required by PPDS. However, this is beneficial only if it does not reduce the memory available to the Disk Cache. On systems with lots of memory, there is no reason why the user should not consider increasing the PPDS Write Cache from the default setting.

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