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From the Maximo Support Desk - Where Are the Everyplace Applications?

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Where Are the Everyplace Applications?


The Maximo Everyplace applications are not immediately available from the Start Center in your Maximo application, but they can be easily added to the Start Center...

To access the Everyplace Technician applications:

-Click on the Edit Portlet icon in the top-right corner of any portlet in the Start Center

-Click the Select Applications button

-Click Filter, and enter "everyplace" inthe Description field, then press Enter

-Click the checkboxes in the Select Applications dialog for:
 Everyplace Supervisor
 Everyplace Technician (Lite)
 Everyplace Technician (Phone)
 Everyplace Technician (Tablet)

-Click the Finished/OK button

Additionally, the Security Groups will need to have these applications added as appropriate; you can filter for them in the Security Groups application by entering "everyplace" in the Description field on the Applications tab in the Security Groups application.

*If the applications have the "Is Mobile?" flag checked:
-these applications will display the "Everyplace" view when you open them on a PC client or tablet;  this is essentially simulating how these appplications will be presented to the mobile device users.

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