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From the Maximo Support Desk - Cannot Edit Start Date on Master Contract When Contract is Revised

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Cannot Edit Start Date on Master Contract When Contract is Revised


Some Maximo Users have reported their unexpected observation of not being able to edit the Start Date on a Master Contract when they attempt to revise it.  I spoke to the development team and product designer and found that this is, in fact, the expected behavior...


The business rule of the Master Contracts application in this scenario is to disallow a change to the contract Start Date or End Date even if the User has changed the Status of a contract revision to WAPPR.  The edit ability for these two fields is only allowed on insert.


The Start Date on a Master Contract will be copied to all child contracts and therefore creates the business condition of disallowing the Start Date of the child contract to be prior to the Master Contract's Start Date.  If the End Date of the child contract is updated to a date greater than the End Date of the Master Contract, it will not be validated.


These are additional design components of the Master Contracts application:

  • Users will be able to revise Master Contracts that are in a status of Approved. A revision of a contract cannot have it’s start date modified.  When a revision of a Master Contract is created, none of the existing associated contracts will be affected.
  • Additionally, when a new contract is associated with a Master Contract, the current Master Contract's revision number will be written to the associated contract as informational data so as to indicate which Master Contract this master was created against.
  • When looking at the associated contracts page, Users will see all contracts associated with all master revisions in addition to the master revision that it was originally created against.


I have also published this information in more formal, knowledge-base article that you can send to any Users or colleagues that might benefit

from this information:

Cannot Edit Start Date on Master Contract When Contract is Revised


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