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From the Maximo Support Desk - Use the webclient.listwarningthreshold Property To Warn Users Of Bulk Update Actions

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Use the webclient.listwarningthreshold Property To Warn Users Of Bulk Update Actions


"I didn't realize that I was updating all the records on the List tab!"

There's a way to send a warning to your Users to mitigate the possibility of updating hundreds of records inadvertently.  You can configure the global system property, webclient.listwarningthreshold, so that it will pop up a warning message to the Users when a certain amount of records will updated in bulk, such as on a List tab.

The global system property, webclient.listwarningthreshold, can be used to alert the User when a predetermined number of records will be subject to the current update action on the List tab.  When the current recordset equals or exceeds the value of the webclient.listwarningthreshold property value, a message will be displayed to the User on the List tab to warn of an update to all records in the set.  For example, if the value of the property was set to 50, and the User filters the List tab to display 82 records and selects the Change Status action, then a message will be displayed to the User:

"BMXAA2185W - This action affects all 82 records in this result set. If    
you would like to select one or more records to apply this action to,     
click Cancel, then: - select the desired records using check boxes on     
the List page - select the action you would like to perform on them. If   
you want to proceed with the action on the entire result set, click OK."

  • In the example above, if the number of records in the currently filtered recordset is less than 50, then no message will be displayed, and the User action will resume without incident, thereby updating all records in the set.
  • When the value of the webclient.listwarningthreshold is set to 1, then the warning message always appears.

To Set The Value For The webclient.listwarningthreshold Property:

  1. Go To System Configuration | Platform Configuration | System Properties
  2. In the Global Properties section click Filter
  3. In the Property Name field enter "webclient.listwarning" and press Enter
  4. Expand the details for webclient.listwarningthreshold
  5. In the Global Value field enter the desired value (add 1 to the number of rows that should generate the warning message; ex.: entering 51 will cause the warning message to appear when 50 rows are selected for update)
  6. Click the checkbox for the row
  7. Save the record
  8. Select Action | Live Refresh



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