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These are all the Blogs and technotes published that might be of interest, particularly in the space of Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Spatial Maps. In an effort to share the lessons learned while supporting IBM Customers, and ensuring the next engineer can independently research the answer.

Feedback welcome! Also, if there are any new topics that should be covered in the future, please let me know.



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IBM Support with Watson is probably the best method.

It can be found in the Support Community:

Estimating the device offline map size in Maximo with Spatial and Anywhere

How to configure Maximo Everyplace to work with electronic signatures

Using the system property mxe.asset.assetInUserTimeZone to calculate asset downtime according to user or server timezone

Configuring the Maximo Start Center Inbox/Assignments for Specific Users - 2019

Why is FIFO Unit Cost still showing in Inventory Issues and Transfers as Average, even after IV84504?

Maximo Inventory Reconcile Balances and Physical Count errors when run from the list tab

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The old crontask PlusSCreateFeatureLinkCronTask fails with BMXAA6359E with the new Spatial 7.6 Feature Services

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Maximo Spatial Map Manager fails to save after IFIX001 with BMXAA4212E

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Using the functionality behind the Merge Tool in Maximo Spatial 7.6.x?

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How to create the location of an Asset from the Map?

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Generating Work Orders from Preventive Maintenance fails intermittent with errors in log for BMXAA4211E – Database error number 2601 has occurred when operating in WOACTIVITY

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Work Order Generation from Preventive Maintenance fails with BMXAA4211E on WOANCESTOR table

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The listing of records in Work Order Tracking is not restricted by the Clause in the View/Manage Queries in Maximo 7.5.x

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Configuring the Maximo Start Center Inbox/Assignments for specific Users - 2018

Transferring 100 items on a 1/3 conversion should not mean that you receive 99 back - 2017

How to add constraints between child Work Orders in Scheduler Gantt View? - 2017

Why is Inventory Issues and Transfers FIFO Unit Cost still showing Average after IV84504 - 2017

YouTUBE videos

The impact of deleting child Work Orders when they are in WAPPR status - Sept 2017

Maximo IFIX 1+2 Model - Feb 2017

Maximo Versions – What is supported?

Authors:  Eleri Gregory and Navin Desai

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