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From the Maximo Support Desk - Error Messages Related To Value Too Large For Bin Field

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Error Messages Related To Value Too Large For Bin Field


There are several, related fields that will require a similar update to the length and scale of a Bin field when the precision is increased for any bin-related field.  The default binnum field, and default size of such fields as "To Bin" or "From Bin" is 8 characters.  If a precision update is made to any bin field that exceeds this default value, then all the related fields will be updated accordingly to avoid potential precision errors.  The list of attributes below point to an "authority bin field" (INVENTORY.BINNUM) via the SAMEAS Object and SAMEAS Attribute in Database Configuration.  This is so that changing the length of one of these attributes will update all of the other related attributes.

The business case for this, and an example of this relationship can be observed when you enter a Transfer type Inventory Usage document... it is implied that the value in the Bin field on the Usage document will be populated on the Inventory record's Bin field in the Inventory Balances section (the invbalances.binnum object/attribute).  If the length and scale of the originating record's bin field exceeds the length and scale of the bin field on the subsequent records that will get updated, then an error message will prevent the transaction (the invbalances.binnum object/attribute).
The summary is that every Bin field throughout Maximo, which could potentially be populated with a value that may exceed its default or current setting will have to have its size updated to 9 or greater (the precision value of the largest related field) for this particular value to be entered in any potential transaction.  I present this information as a warning in the case of a change to the database configuration that is performed outside the application's Database Configuration module.
The following is a list of the "bin-related" fields that need to be considered and likely updated to avoid any errors during transactions after one or more bin fields have had an update made to their precision.  








Also, if you have any industry solutions, additional updates may be necessary in those applications. You can run a sql query against your maximo database to determine which bin fields exist in your industry solutions applications that will potentially need to be updated.  An example query would be:
select objectname, attributename from maxattribute where attributename in ('binnum', 'dfltstagebin', 'frombin', 'tobin', 'stagingbin');


Additionally, if this information needs to be relayed to your DBA or other colleague, you can send them the link to this information as published in the form of an IBM knowledge document:

Necessary Updates For Bin-Related Fields 


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