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While Doing Queries Using Map Services, Use JSON Instead of PJSON

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While Doing Queries Using Map Services, Use JSON Instead of PJSON


Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to make you all aware of a particular configuration that can possibly not work as you expect it to. If you are using PJSON as your output format when querying records from ArcGIS Server, it is possible that data returned from the query is not formatted correctly. 


PJSON format is known as "prettified" JSON, and it formats the spaces, tabs and carriage returns to improve human readability. Characters such as "\\" might be picked up as escape characters, and as a result - may concatenate data unexpectedly, or do other strange behaviors

To stop this from happening, you should use the JSON format. To make this change, it's simple. Please see two example's I've provided below on how you can make this change:


An example of a URL with PJSON:


An example of a URL with JSON:



Thanks everyone for your attention to this.

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