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Maximo Spatial Series #2: After the Install - Map (Spatial) tab is removed

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Maximo Spatial Series #2: After the Install - Map (Spatial) tab is removed


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for continuing to read into Maximo Spatial Series.

Now that we've gotten Spatial already installed from #1 in the Series, Second up in the Spatial Series is talking about one of the main things you will notice after upgrading to Spatial 7.6.x:

The Map (Spatial) tab has been removed!

The two tabs has been brought together instead to use just one Map tab. One thing to note, is that after the Maximo Spatial 7.6 installation it will be necessary to execute manual steps to remove the old Map (Spatial) tab from the Maximo applications that are not provided by TPAE out of the box. The Map (Spatial) tab is automatically removed from the following Maximo applications, but needs to be manually removed from the applications created by Industry Solutions (Utilities, HSE etc), applications created by the customers or any other application the Map (Spatial) tab was manually included.

TPAE applications the Map (Spatial) tab is automatically removed during the Maximo Spatial 7.6 install process:
a) Asset - id: asset
b) Location - id: location
c) Service Address - id: srvad
d) Work Order id: wotrack
e) Service Request id: sr

All other Maximo applications that contains the Map (Spatial) tab needs to be manually changed to remove this tab.


Spatial 7.6 will be using the Map tab, and this tab should be kept. The Map (Spatial) tab can be deleted using the Maximo Application Designer with the following steps:
1) Open the Application Designer
2) Open the Maximo application that needs to be updated in order to remove the Map (Spatial) tab
3) Right click on the Map (Spatial) tab and click on Delete




You can continue to use the Map tab for all your Spatial Maps going forward!


Thanks Everyone, keep an eye out in the Series for more information on Spatial!


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