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Maximo Spatial Feature Pack is now available!

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Maximo Spatial Feature Pack is now available!


Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that on October 27th 2016, IBM released Maximo Spatial Asset Management feature pack!

Within this new feature pack, comes a lot of new features! Some of these features include:
1) Display Maximo Linear Asset Manager layers on a map
   -  You can configure layers to display linear features on a map when you select a Spatial Map as a provider

2) Select Maximo records on a map
   -  You can associate records with a service request or work order by selecting features on a map that are linked to the records.

3) Query Maximo Linear Asset Manager layers on a map
   -  If you know one or more attributes of a Linear feature, you can search for the feature on the map by using the Query by Attributes tool.

4) Select Maximo Linear Asset Manager features on a map
   -  Maximo Linear Asset Manager features can be selected on a map and added to the Results window.

5) Identify Maximo Linear Asset Manager features on a map
   -  Use the Identify tool to locate Maximo Linear Asset Manager features on a map with Maximo Linear Asset Manager layers enabled.

6) Add Maximo Linear Asset Manager graphics on Results window
   -  Customize the appearance of a feature when it is displayed in the Results window.

7) Define Linear feature attributes
   -  Configure Linear feature attributes to appear on a map and work with map tools, such as the Identify tool. When you click a Linear feature on a map, you can view all the attributes that were configured in the Map Manager for the feature.

8) Set a record as the current record from a map
   -  You can locate a record by identifying it on a map that displays features and then setting it as the current record. For example, if you want to open a work order for an asset but you cannot find the asset record, you can locate the feature on a map and then set it as the current record.

9) User interface enhancements on the Results window
   -  Select features in the Results window to highlight them on the map. Configure layers to show the display field attribute for each feature. Cluster feature symbols on a map. Customize feature appearance. Use the zoom tools to focus on the map region for one or more features that are selected in the Results windows.

10) Define Symbology
   -  Customize the appearance of features that are displayed on maps that use Linear graphic layers. You can define the images, colors, and labels for Linear features using JSON code in the map manager application


Installation Instructions
Before you install the fix pack, review the readme file. The readme file contains installation instructions, information about new features, and information about fixed issues in the product


Before you install this feature pack, ensure that the following components are installed:
 - IBM Maximo Asset Management
 - Maximo Spatial Asset Management 7.6.0


Download Package: 

To download the Fixpack, you can Click here
To download the Readme, you can Click Here


Link to our technote:


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