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Download Map Service Digital Certificate

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Download Map Service Digital Certificate


Download the Digital Certificate:

  1. Open HTTPS url:

  2. Download/Export Certificate

Internet Explorer:





  • In the upper right of your Firefox browser click at hamburger : 

    hamburger Menu


  • Click Options

  • In the left pain click Advanced.

  • Under Advanced click Certificates > View Certificates.

  • In the Certificate Manager click the Your Certificates tab

  • Navigate and click your certificate you want to export

  • Click Backup...

  • In the File Name to Backup window specify the location and name of your certificate .p12 file backup.



Add Certificate to Websphere:

  1. Open Websphere Administration Console: http://<server_host>:<server_port>/ibm/console
  2. Click the Security Tab on the left
  3. Click the SSL Certificate and key management
  4. In related items, click the "Key Stores and Certificates"
  5. Click the "Cell default trust store"
  6. On the additional Properties, click "Signer Certificates"
  7. Click Add
  8. Add a name in the Alias, and the location of the certificate downloaded and then click apply and then OK.
  9. After this is completed, you can restart your application server and try the steps again in Maximo to see if you're able to get the map loaded.  


Alternative procedure to Install Certificate to Websphere using Hostname URL: 

  1. Log into the administrative console.  
  2. Expand Security and click SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations. 
  3. Select the appropriate outbound configuration to get to the (cell): <cell_name> management scope. 
  4. Under Related Items, click Key stores and certificates and click the CellDefaultTrustStore key store. 
  5. Under Additional Properties, click Signer certificates and  Retrieve From Port.  
  6. In the Host field, enter <hostname_URL> in the host name field, enter 443 in the Port field, and <hostname_alias>_cert in the Alias field. 
  7. Click Retrieve Signer Information.  
  8. Verify that the certificate information is for a certificate that you can trust. 
  9. Click Apply and Save.


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