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How to Call Spatial Check Config Tool from Map Manager (Spatial) Application

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How to Call Spatial Check Config Tool from Map Manager (Spatial) Application


With the IBM Maximo Spatial and 7.5 releases,  a Spatial Check Configuration Tool is available to verify the integration between Maximo Spatial and Geographic Information System (GIS). This tool will assist customer to display warnings and errors about the user installation and collect information to help IBM support investigate problems. 


Executing the tool From Map Manager (Spatial) Application

An Menu Option was added to Map Manager (Spatial) Application Select Action Menu. 



  1. Open Map Manager (Spatial) Application:
    Click at Go To Menu > Administration Menu Group >  Map Manager (Spatial) Application
  2. Open Run Configuration Dialog Box:
    Click at Select Action Menu > Run Check Configuration  Menu Option

  3. Start Spatial Check Config Tool: 
    Click at Run Check Config Button;  image 

     4. When tool has finished the configuration information log will be displayed at Status Text Field. All log files can be found in zip file saved on application server host (See end of log information to locate the path to zip file). 

More information about Spatial Config Tool can be found at:  Spatial Check Config tool


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