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Deploying Control Desk 7.6.1 + Maximo 7.6.1 through WebSphere 9 console Error

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Deploying Control Desk 7.6.1 + Maximo 7.6.1 through WebSphere 9 console Error


Now that IBM Control Desk 7.6.1 and IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 have been officially approved as supported, you may run into a non-fatal MAXIMO ear deployment problem. When the maximo.ear file is over 1 GB, if you use the WebSphere console to deploy the ear, the console displays this error:

This application is too large to be installed using the administrative console. Use wsadmin to install this application.

This is a limitation of the WebSphere Interactive Service Console application. EAR files larger than 1 GB should be deployed through the wsadmin scripting tool.

One option is to use the Maximo Asset Management configuration program silently. This method, reconfigurePae.bat|sh, uses Python scripts that generate and execute wsadmin commands.

Example: You have installed ICD/Maximo to C:\IBM\SMP (Windows).

Start a command prompt

Navigate to C:\IBM\SMP\ConfigTool\scripts

Run the following command:

reconfigurePae.bat -action updateApplication -deploymaximoear

CTGIN5537I: Deployment of the application MAXIMO has begun. This operation may take some time to complete.

When completed, it will have built and deployed the maximo.ear file. It will then move on to build and deploy the maximo-x.war, then start the application server.

reconfigurePae reads parameters from (default Windows location) C:\IBM\SMP\etc\ and C:\IBM\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo\properties\

However, if you did not configure WebSphere from that \IBM\SMP directory, the values in may be missing or incorrect, and the ThinWSAdmin configuration tool at \IBM\SMP\ConfigTool\wasclient will have the wrong settings and not have the certificate from the WebSphere Application Server profile.

A second option is to use wsadmin only, to deploy the maximo.ear. The best way to write your own script it to use the Log command assistance commands in WebSphere console with a maximo.ear smaller than 1 GB.

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