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Web Service URLs have changed from Maximo v6.x to v7.6.x

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Web Service URLs have changed from Maximo v6.x to v7.6.x


In Maximo 6.x, you could use the following URL in a browser to list available web services:




A list of deployed web services would be presented in your browser, however with the release of Maximo v7.x, new web service features were introduced.  For example, you can create web services based on enterprise services, object structures, business objects, and you can create web services that use inbound JMS queues.


In Maximo 7.6.x you can confirm that your servlets are running using the following URLs:


The output from the above requests should show the following message:

     "Servlet is running. Please use HTTP POST to post data"
To confirm that web services are available using a browser, you can use the following URL:


The result of the above should show that the Axis2 web service is running:


Hello! This is an Axis2 Web Service!


You can generate your schema from the object structure or enterprise service applications.

To view the schema, use the following URLs:




Schema files can be found under the schema folder located in the global directory location.


Note that the /schema/common folder is no longer available in Maximo 7.6.x.  The following URLs will throw null pointer exception and an http 500 error will be observed:




For additional information regarding the above, see the following document:

To view WSDLs, use the following URL:



Note that the URL you use to post from your client to your web service has not changed:




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