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Maximo Asset Management interim fix 018 released

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As with all Interim Fixes, Maximo Asset Management interim fix 018 is cumulative. It includes all fixes contained in earlier Interim Fixes, with the addition of new fixes listed in this post.


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 018 is available at Fix Central. This is the final interim fix release for Maximo


Application Name



Graphical Scheduling

In the Graphical Scheduling application, the Planned Labor Hours column does not display calculated values.


All Applications

In all applications, old PDF attachments that do not contain trailers cannot be printed.


Chart of Accounts

In any application that includes a GL lookup, the GL dialog takes a long time to appear.


Assignment Manager

In the Assignment Manager application, if the time zone for the user differs from the time zone of the server and the user attempts to interrupt an assignment, an error occurs.


BIM Projects

In the BIM Projects application, when you validate or import a Cobie excel file, an error occurs.


Graphical Assignment

In the Graphical Assignment application, the Run Optimization action fails with an error.


License Usage Monitor

In the License Usage Monitor application, Work Center applications cannot be added to a license.


License Usage Monitor

In the License Usage Monitor application, the list of applications is not updated when a new license file for an existing product is added.


Migration Manager

In the Migration Manager application, when you try to upload a package that was created in a multitenanted environment, an error occurs.



In the Scheduler application, the optimizer assigns work orders to time slots that are already reserved for manually assigned work orders.


Start Center

In the Start Center application, date fields that do not contain a value in the database display the current date when they are included in a Result Set.



In the Users application, when a calendar format is specified for a user, this format is not reflected in the format of dates that appear in the Inbox / Assignments portlet in the Start Center.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, the format of decimal values in the Move/Swap/Modify dialog does not reflect the configured locale in the profile of the user.


Workflow Designer

In the Workflow Designer application, when you update a condition node query to include a non-persistent field, an error occurs.


Work Order Tracking

When workflow assignments are delegated, the original workflow assignee field in the database stores the name of the delegate instead of the name of the original assignee.



When you are in a time zone earlier than the server, you cannot schedule reports for 12:00 on the first day of the month.


Work Order Tracking

When you configure system parameters to disallow negative inventory balances and then attempt an issuance of inventory items that reduces the balance to zero, an error occurs.


System User Interface

When you use the German language pack with settings other than the German locale settings, you cannot use keyboard shortcuts for menu items that are in the left navigation menu.


Inventory Usage

Even when system parameters are configured to disallow negative inventory balances, updates from the integration framework can make inventory balances negative.


Budget Monitoring

In the Budget Monitoring application, the performance of the functionality that updates budget lines is poor.


Map Manager (Spatial)

In the Map Manager (Spatial) application, when you try to define an offline map for a site by using the Select Location window, an error occurs.


Map Manager

In the Map Manager application, the Map Tips tab is not available for maps provided by certain map providers.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking (SP) application, if the results dialog has two or more locations, an error occurs when you click Update Field with Current Value.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, when you set the system property to 1, the zoom feature on the Map dialog does not work.

Maximo Integration Framework interim fix 011 for is also available at Fix Central.


Work Execution

In Maximo Anywhere applications, when you select Changes when you are refreshing lookup data, instead of downloading only the changed lookup data, all the lookup data is downloaded.


All Applications

In environments that have both administrator mode and LDAP authentication enabled, users can successfully invoke web services over the integration framework.


All Applications

The integration framework processes transactions even when the APIKEY parameter is missing from the API call.

IBM Control Desk uses Tivoli's process automation engine This interim fix can be applied to Control Desk

For product compatibility, see Control Desk, Maximo and TPAE version compatibility.

To install, see Installing an interim fix in Maximo 7.6.

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