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Our new IFIX release model, readme improvements and Selenium

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Our new IFIX release model, readme improvements and Selenium


Please note that everything in this blog is now current as of October 21st, 2019.


Our Maximo IFIX release process is what we call the “1+2" model.


Before I go into detail, let’s get the terminology out of the way:

  • IFIX – Interim Fix; contains multiple APAR fixes and is cumulative in nature. Released monthly.
  • Automation QA Testing -  Install test, BVT, automation testing
  • Full QA Testing -  All of the above + testing of each individual APAR.



What does this new “1+2 model” mean in a nutshell?

  • All IFIXes will be released monthly

  • IFIXes on the latest fixpack will go through full QA testing

  • IFIXes on the two previous fixpacks will go through automation QA testing

  • There will be no IFIXes for older fixpacks


Why did we make this change?

  • To streamline our continuous delivery efforts

  • To bring you - our clients - the best fixes possible with more focus on the latest fixpack releases

  • To make rapid adoption a more efficient and less painful process


Here are the specifics for Maximo 7.6 (current as of December 20th, 2018):


  • Released on May 24th, 2019
  • Monthly IFIX releases
  • IFIXes going through full QA cycle



  • Released on July 27th, 2018
  • Monthly IFIX releases
  • IIFIXes are automation QA tested

  • Released on December 14, 2018
  • Monthly IFIX releases
  • IFIXes are automation QA tested
  • - IFIX build 18 was released on the 18th of July 2019. This is the last IFIX for this release.




    “Read Me” improvements

    • APAR URL Column with a link to the DCF document for that APAR
    • Behavior Changes Column describing behavior, if any, changed by the fix
    • Database Changes Column describing changes, if any, to the database
    • Manual Changes Column provides instructions or references for manual steps
    • Security Bulletin Column with links to the pertaining Security Bulletins
    • List of changed files






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