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Maximo 761 Cognos Analytics Video Series

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Maximo 761 Cognos Analytics Video Series


Don't miss out on the stellar new features of Maximo 761 with Cognos Analytics! Our teams have been busy developing videos to help you become successful with your use of Maximo.  This latest video series “Maximo 761 Cognos Analytics Video Series”, by Pam Denny, IBM Analytics Architect, includes a set of 13 videos which are included below.

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 1: Overview - This is the first in a series of 13 videos - ranging from 5 to 10 minutes - providing an overview of the tremendous features available with Maximo 7.6.1 and Cognos Analytics! This first video provides an overview of the videos and value of Cognos Analytics!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 2: Entitlement - In this second video, we'll delve into the details of the entitlement and licensing of the exciting new Maximo 7.6.1. Cognos Analytics integration!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 3: New User Features - Time to see all the incredible new features of Cognos Analytics! In the third video of the series, we'll start with a review of the new features and then demonstrate a sampling of them!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 4: Data Sources: Packages - In this fourth video, we'll begin a review of data sources. The first data source - is the use of Maximo Cognos packages produced via Maximo's Integration Framework.

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 5: Data Sources: Data Server - Many new incredible features are available with Cognos Analytics - including new data sources! This fifth video in the Maximo Cognos Analytics video series provides an overview and demonstration of connecting to your Maximo database as a new data source!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 6: Data Sources: Files - Your Maximo Power and Warrior users will be amazed at how easy it is to upload Maximo xls and csv files to begin their own dashboard creation! This 6th video in the series will provide an overview and demo of this exciting new feature!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 7: Data Sources: Data Modules - Your Maximo Warrior users will continue to be amazed at how easy it is to create their own web based modules using any combination of packages, data server modules and/or files. Be sure to check out this 7th video of the series and get started in using this new feature Today!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 8: Dashboards - One of the most popular new features of Cognos Analytics is dashboards! Using delivered templates, this 8th video in the series will show you how you can create captivating and informative dashboards in minutes!

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 9: Reports - Your Maximo Power, Warrior and Professional Developer will be thrilled with the new features and ease of use of creating and editing reports in Cognos Analytics! This ninth video in the series will provide an overview of the features and demonstrate creating a simple grouped report.

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 10: Active Reports - Your Maximo users will love Cognos Analytics Active reports! With these reports, they can dynamically filter report content for their unique business needs. This tenth video will provide an overview and demonstration of creating a Cognos Active report

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 11: Mobile Options - Whether your Maximo users are in the office or on the go, Cognos Analytics is available for them! This 11th video in the 13 part series will introduce you to both the connected and disconnected options for Cognos Analytics.

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 12: Integration Installation - Intended for your Maximo administrator, this video reviews critical per-requisite considerations and integration installation steps. This is the 12th video in the 13 part Maximo Cognos Analytics series

Maximo 761 Cognos11 Video 13: Get Started Now! - Aren't you so excited to try out the new Cognos Analytics? This last video in the 13 part Maximo Cognos Analytics series shows you how easy it is to get started with Cognos Analytics today!

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