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XML-INTO enhancement for namespaces and other non-RPG names

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XML-INTO namespaces and other non-RPG names

Namespace options "ns" and "nsprefix"

This enhancement provides support for some new XML-INTO options to deal with namespaces and with other XML names that do not map to RPG names.

  • There are two new XML-INTO options to handle XML names containing a namespace.
    • The namespace option, "ns", controls how XML-INTO handles XML names with a namespace when it is matching XML names to the names in the path option or the subfield names of a data structure.
    • The namespace prefix option, "nsprefix", allows your RPG program to find out the values of the namespaces that were removed from the XML names when the "ns=remove" option was used to remove the namespace from the names.
  • Also, the new value "case=convert" for the "case" option handles non-RPG characters in XML names

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06 February 2020