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Nested data structures, %MAX & %MIN, ALIGN(*FULL)

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RPG Cafe: Spring 2017 enhancements

Several RPG enhancements for 7.2 and 7.3:

  • Nested data structures
  • %MAX and %MIN


  • ILE RPG compiler: SI63821
  • ILE RPG compiler: SI63822
  • ILE RPG compiler, TGTRLS(V7R3M0): SI63964

The PTFs are also available with Db2 for i Fixpacks. DB2 PTF group SF99702 (Level 16 or higher) for 7.2 and DB2 PTF group SF99703 Level 4 (or higher) for 7.3. See Technology Updates/page/Db2 for IBM i 2017 Group PTF Schedule.


Nested data structures

Code nested data structure subfields directly, without needing to use LIKEDS.

%MAX and %MIN

New built-in functions %MAX and %MIN.


New parameter *FULL for the ALIGN keyword. ALIGN(*FULL) extends the length of a data structure so that the length is a multiple of the data structure's alignment.

RDi support

RDi 9.6 supports these new features.

Documentation in the Knowledge Center

The ILE RPG Reference and ILE RPG Programmer's Guide in the 7.2 and 7.3 Knowledge Center are updated with full information about these enhancements. Start at the What's New Since 7.2 or What's New Since 7.3 section in the Reference.

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