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DB backup fails with ANR2983E, DB2 sqlcode -2033 sqlerrmc 137 after the server upgrade.



After server upgrade to version 8.1.6 or higher on Windows, 'BACKUP DB' command may fail with the error 
message ANR2983E, DB2 sqlcode -2033 sqlerrmc 137


Activity log shows:
ANR0424W Session # for node $$_TSMDBMGR_$$ (WIN) refused - invalid password submitted.
ANR2982E Database backup terminated due to environment or setup issue related to password - Db2 sqlcode -2033 sqlerrmc 137.
ANR1893E Process # for Database Backup completed with a completion state of FAILURE.


API return code 137 means "authentication failure" and happens because IBM Spectrum Protect servers starting 
with 8.1.6, no longer require "PASSWORDACCESS generate" for the API backup node to connect to the server on 
Windows systems.
For more details on 'Preparing the database manager for database backup', please click here.

Resolving The Problem

- Manually remove the option "passwordaccess generate" from the API client options file "dsm.opt" and retry the Backup DB command.

By default, the API client options file is named dsm.opt and is located in a subdirectory that has the same name as the database instance. The subdirectory is located in the Db2 instance directory path that is returned when the below command is issued:

db2set -i tsminst1 db2instprof

For example, if your database instance name is tsminst1 and your Db2 instance directory is c:\programdata\ibm\db2\db2tsm1, the client options file is stored at the following location:


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