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QRadar: Installing QRadar on your own hardware might result in a hardware warning "You are attempting to install this software on unapproved hardware"



How can you verify that QRadar installed correctly on your own hardware?


When installing QRadar on your own hardware, you might display a hardware warning similar to:

You are attempting to install this software on unapproved hardware

Resolving The Problem

Using unapproved hardware is not recommended and might cause unexpected results. The warning is informative and notifies the user that the listed components were not tested by IBM. If the components are recognized by the operating system, there should be no issues with QRadar operating on this hardware.
When you complete the installation of QRadar on your own unapproved hardware, type the command:
/opt/qradar/bin/ > /root/Hardware_inventory.txt
An inventory report is created. Review the report to determine whether any issues were discovered. If any issues are displayed in the report, you might need to reinstall QRadar on supported hardware. Contact QRadar support for options on supported hardware.

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07 January 2021