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QRadar: Changing the Network Configuration of a QRoC deployment Data Gateway



How do you change the IP address, hostname, or network configuration for a Data Gateway attached to a QRadar on Cloud (QRoC) deployment?


Resolving The Problem

The Data Gateway must first be removed from the QRoC deployment before network changes can be made to the host. Use the steps listed to remove the host from the deployment, change the network settings, and then add the host back.
  1. Create a QRadar on Cloud support ticket with QRoC to have an IBM Security Professional remove the managed host from the QRoC deployment. When opening a support case refer to the knowledge center article, QRadar on Cloud support ticket.
  2. Continue after Data Gateway has been removed from the QRoC Deployment.
  3. Using an Integrated Management Module (IMM) or direct connection to the Data Gateway appliance open a Console session.
  4. From the console command line, type qchange_netsetup to change the network interface settings.
  5. Verify or update the allowlist of the QRoC deployment by using the Self Serve App - Manage access to the Console.
  6. Generate a new token by using the Self Serve App - Generating a new token for a data gateway
  7. Using the new token generated in Step 6 to add the Data Gateway back to the QRoC deployment, type the command:
    /opt/qradar/bin/ mh_setup interactive -r

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02 November 2023