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Does IBM Spectrum Protect Plus support S3 compatible Object Storage?

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Does IBM Spectrum Protect Plus support copying data for long-term protection or for archive protection to any S3 compatible Object Storage?


IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports object storage devices and services that are compatible with the Amazon S3 web service and are validated by IBM. S3 compatible object storage devices or services that have completed the validation program will be added to the following list for IBM Spectrum Protect. Visit this page regularly to find the latest list of supported object storage devices.

Validation process

To be validated as an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus storage device, the device must undergo tests that are defined by IBM to determine that the device meets requirements for functionality and performance.

The following operations are supported for object storage devices that are validated through IBM:

  • Authentication of HTTP and HTTPS sessions that use the S3 protocol
  • Upload, download, and deletion of objects that use the S3 protocol

Tip: Many factors affect the performance of object storage backup and recovery. A major factor is the network configuration and specifically, the available network bandwidth for transferring data to and from the device. Although the following validated devices listed were tested for acceptable performance, you might observe performance that does not achieve the backup and restore data rates that were reported with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and on-premises IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Restriction: Support is not provided for any other vendor-specific features that are configured on the device. For example, support is not provided for custom data retention policies that are set directly on the device or service (and not by using IBM Spectrum Protect Plus).

How to get validated

You can start the process of validating your S3 compatible device or service with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus by sending an email to IBM at Include your contact information, company name, and S3 device or service description in the email.

Amazon S3 compatible vendors that are validated by IBM

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.5 or later, in addition to listed object storage providers on the interface, you can select "S3 Compatible Storage" for a number of compatible and certified object storage providers. Table 1 lists the different compatible providers along with some useful links to documentation for those providers.

Table 1. S3 compatible storage
Object storage Version of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus that support was introduced Supported IBM Spectrum Protect Plus buckets (standard or archive) Supporting information
Red Hat Ceph Object Storage V10.1.5 Standard object storage buckets

For information about configuring and administering Ceph S3 object storage, see Configuring and administering the Ceph Storage Object Gateway on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

For information about deploying Ceph storage, see Planning, designing and deploying Ceph Storage clusters and Ceph Object Gateway clusters for production.

RSTOR RStorage Object Storage V10.1.5 Standard object storage buckets
For information about RStorage Object Storage, see the RSTOR product information.
Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage V10.1.5 Standard object storage buckets For information about Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, see the Dell EMC ECS product information.
OpenIO Object Storage V10.1.5 Standard object storage buckets
For quick start information, see the OpenIO SDS Quick Start.
Zadara VPSA Object Storage V10.1.6 Standard object Ensure that the virtual private storage array (VPSA) object storage region is configured with the option 'us-east-1'. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus does not support object storage that is configured with other regions. For more information, see the VPSA Object Storage User Guide.
Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage  V10.1.6 Standard object storage buckets For a quick start tutorial about how to get started with Wasabi hot cloud storage, see the YouTube video at Wasabi Quick Start tutorial.
Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) V9.2.3.5 V10.1.6 Standard object storage buckets
For information about HCP storage, see the HCP product information.
HCP for Cloud Scale V2.2.14 V10.1.6 Standard object storage buckets For information about HCP for Cloud Scale, see Hitachi Content Platform for Cloud Scale Architecture Fundamentals.
Cloudian HyperStore V7.2.4 V10.1.6 Standard object storage buckets For information about Cloudian HyperStore, see the HyperStore product information.
iTernity iCAS FS V1.10.0 V10.1.8 Standard object storage buckets For information about iTernity iCAS FS, see the iCAS FS product information.

Tip: Configure the key that is required for the cloud object. For instructions, see Adding an access key.


To add S3 compatible object storage, complete the steps in the topic "Adding S3 compatible object storage" in the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus product documentation. Click the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus version that you are using and then search by the topic title.

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