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QRadar: Checking version status for ECS and ECS_INGRESS on all managed host with



This article explains how to run the script. This script performs a version check on all managed hosts' ECS and ECS_INGRESS.


The script can be used to check the connections to all managed hosts and verify the versions of ECS and ECS-Ingress services after an upgrade.

Resolving The Problem

  1. Log in to the Console by using the root account via SSH connection.
  2. Run the following command:
For example:
# /opt/qradar/support/
INFO: Running on console.
GOOD: All managed hosts running on same ECS/INGRESS version.

Note: The output for this script is in /store/ibm_support/, by default. The file name looks similar to, /validate_ecs_service-20191002-16e84b02.txt.
Example of the output:
----- Active Versions -----
Console Ingress active version= 732.4.17
Console EC active version= 732.4.17
Console EP active version= 732.4.17
----- List All Versions -----
Console Ingress list version: 0.0.814 732.1.10 732.4.17 (active)
Console EC list version: 0.0.814 732.1.10 732.4.17 (active)
Console EP list version: 732.1.10 732.4.17 (active)
Script options: # /opt/qradar/support/ -h
       -f Change the location of the output file.
       -h Display the help menu.
Note: This script can be run only on the Console.
ERROR: should only be run from the console.

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07 January 2021