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ITM Agent Insights: Introduction

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ITM Agent Insights: Introduction


In this blog we will cover some basic troubleshooting concepts. In future blogs we will provide solutions to common issues related to IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) Agents for the distributed platform. See the index of all the blogs posted under the ITM Agent Insights series at the bottom of the page.

All people have problems. Some people solve problems. Too many people ask themselves, “What just happened”?

To get by in life and to excel at it requires us to be problem solvers. The people that work in IBM support very often have to address issues that were not anticipated in the first place.  Engineers often use a formula to work through these issues and you can too. Troubleshooting is a learned skill. Whether you are trying to resolve a problem with a malfunctioning DVD, a car that won’t start or your ITM environment many of the same principles apply.

Identifying and defining the problem is an initial requirement before you start working through the following steps. Not all points may apply, so attempt to address as many points as best you can. When you are done you will have a different perspective on the problem affecting you.

An often overlooked step that is critical for complex problems is you take notes on the cause and effect relationship of what you did and the consequences it had.

Here is the basic formula for troubleshooting most problems:

  • Identify the problem. (For example, my car does not start.)
  • Is there another way to define the issue? (My car makes a clicking sound while starting)
  • Are there any obvious symptoms?
    • Observe the problem (Look (i.e. corrosion on battery terminals), listen, smell)
  • Break things down to their most basic level (Does car have fuel and a working battery?)
  • Determine what tools are available to you (An identical working object (i.e. another battery), Google, the web, a volt-ohm meter, etc.)
  • When did the problem start?
  • Did something change?
    • Identify what changed. (Keep in mind there may be more than one change or problem. This is why notes help.)
  • If possible, substitute the suspected component.
    • If the substitution does not correct the problem, put the original component back   in place. This step is important because it limits the possibility of introducing a new problem into something that is already broken.
  • Take notes

Now you are ready to advance to the next level. In many cases the steps presented above will help you to isolate a failing component or at least be able to answer basic questions. The information you learned will allow you to frame the problem for an expert if you can’t fix it yourself. Now you can go to the local electronic or auto part store or contact IBM L2 support and present the problem in a manner that will help it be resolved more efficiently.


The following is a ITM Agent Insights series index of all posted blogs. Feel free to bookmark this page so you do not miss any new additions.


Title Date
ITM Agent Insights: Available Resources09/19/2014
ITM Agent Insights: Landing Page10/15/2014
ITM Agent Insights: Jazz for Service Management and its parallels with Fantasy football10/17/2014
ITM Agent Insights: Common Causes for High CPU with the Windows OS Agent11/12/2014
ITM Agent Insights: Jazz for Service Management Installs on Linux and Unix 11/20/2014
ITM Agent Insights: Starting Over Jazz for Service Management Install03/20/2015
ITM Agent Insights: Authentication failures for WAS and DB2 in Jazz for Service Management04/17/2015
ITM Agent Insights: Isolating the cause of high resource usage by an ITM Agent05/22/2015
ITM Agent Insights: Debugging installs & upgrades07/01/2015
ITM Agent Insights: Understanding Jazz for Service Management08/18/2015
ITM Agent Insights: How to upgrade TCR using IIM? 05/04/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to upgrade Jazz for service Management using IIM? 05/05/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How AGENT bundle for 6.23.03 installation will work on RHEL7? 05/13/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Using the "itmpatch" command to perform agent upgrades. 05/18/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to install Universal Agent in ITM 6.3 environments 05/20/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to Configure the VIOS Premium Agent 05/23/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Agent startup results in commonWatchdogUtilities error 05/27/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Debugging problems of an SNMP Agent you created with Agent Builder 06/03/2016
ITM Agent Insights: A sneak peak at Jazz for Service Management (JazzSM) V1.1.3.0 06/17/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Tivoli Portal does not show data for all Agent Builder JMX MBeans 06/24/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Removing a failed install of the ITM i5/OS agent 06/24/2016
ITM Agent Insights: IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agent for i5/OS job may not end normally 06/27/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Errors while launching TCR reports for System P Agent 06/28/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Tuning the VMWave VI agent for large environments 06/28/2016
ITM Agent Insights: UNIX OS monitoring agent on AIX and merged attributes from AIX Premium agent 06/29/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Gathering CompositeData MBean attributes with custom JMX monitoring agent 06/30/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: #1 Log Monitoring Options 07/05/2016
ITM Agent Insights: TCR not able to use compatible mode for database access 07/06/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Remote deploy of an agent built using Agent Builder 07/27/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring Number of Files in a Directory Situation 07/29/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Uploading documentation under a PMR 08/01/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Defining situations for Agentless Monitoring agents - R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 08/01/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Linux Processes and Processor Data not showing in TEP Workspace 08/02/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Linux OS agent (LZ) install issues on SLES 12 (64-bit) 08/05/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Calculating AIX OS agent memory attributes using AIX CLI 08/15/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Collecting data for the ITM UNIX Agent V6 08/15/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Requirements for installing existing ITM agents into a new 6.3 environment 08/22/2016
ITM Agent Insights: ITM 6.x uninstallation and clean up using ITM Remove all tool on Windows systems 08/30/2016
ITM Agent Insights: DASH console missing TCR and other icons after login 08/30/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Security Vulnerabilities in JazzSM due to WAS 09/21/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to Configure Connection String for Oracle Database Extended Agent 09/21/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Configuring a Log File Agent (LFA) in Base Mode 09/30/2016
ITM Agent Insights: IBM Infrastructure Management Capacity Planner Reports for VMware are not working 10/10/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to manage the size and number of Java provider log files for Agent Builder Agents 10/17/2016
ITM Agent Insights: VMWare VI agent does not return any data in the TEP 10/17/2016
ITM Agent Insights: VMWare ITCAM Agent Workspaces go blank in Portal TEPS 10/17/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Silent install of JazzSM/reporting when DB2 is remote 10/17/2016
ITM Agent Insights: JazzSM Admin UI installation failure 10/20/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Upgrading Java Runtime for VMware VI agent 10/27/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Self describing support in OS agents Interim Fixes 11/01/2016
ITM Agent Insights: How to place limits on CPU and memory for the Windows OS Agent 11/01/2016
ITM Agent Insights: An overview of IBM WebSphere Application Server as a pre-requisite for Jazz for Service Management 11/07/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Contents of the MANAGEDSYSTEM table and its effect on Operating System (OS) agent reports 11/07/2016
ITM Agent Insights: New attributes in the 6.30 FP5 Unix Data Collection Status Group 11/08/2016
ITM Agent Insights: New attributes in the 6.30 FP5 Unix Disk Group for ZFS metrics 11/08/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Explanation of ports used by the IBM Tivoli Common Reporting 11/10/2016
ITM Agent Insights: OS Agents Version 6.3.0 FixPack 5 Scripting Feature 12/06/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Timestamp attribute type with custom agents 12/13/2016
ITM Agent Insights: Using 'krarloff' utility to view binary short term historical data 12/13/2016
ITM Agent Insights: TCR Report Dimension Table and troubleshoot UDA-SQL-0107 error 01/12/2017
ITM Agent Insights: DB2 Agent Crashing Accessing the Archive Log History Workspace 01/18/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Transport Layer Security protocol usage for IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent version 6.23 or lower 01/18/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Unable to upgrade Tivoli Common Reporting V3.1.2.0 01/19/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Exporting Content Store from TCR 2.X to 3.X environment 01/23/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Reporting - Cognos Configuration & Connection Check 01/25/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Images are broken in OS Agents Prerequisites Scanner Reports 02/02/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Configuring federation for the Capacity Planner for VMware FAILS 02/03/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Agent Builder fails to launch reporting "Exception launching the Eclipse Platform" 02/06/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Debugging Primary / Secondary Log Used Percent for ITCAM monitoring agent for DB2 02/06/2017
ITM Agent Insights: ITCAM Extended Agent for Oracle Database Clustering and Positioning in the TEP Navigator 02/13/2017
ITM Agent Insights: AAA-SYS-0001 Error When Accessing Tivoli Common Reporting 03/03/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Establishing successfully TDW data source connection steps 03/15/2017
ITM Agent Insights: TDW data source connection troubleshoot Error 03/14/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Installing ITCAM UD agent for DB2 monitoring installs back-level components 04/17/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Upgrading back-level components usng "tacmd updateFramework" or local silent install with response file. 04/17/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Requirements for gathering Top SQL attribute data with Oracle Extended Agent - RZ 04/17/2017
ITM Agent Insights: "Hardware Events" attribute group (KPHHDWEVNTS) added to System P monitoring agent for HMC (PH) 04/18/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring Generic User logs using the UNIX Logs (UL) Agent 06/30/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Missing summarized data in the "Unix Memory" and "Disk" DB2 data warehouse tables after the upgrade to 6.30 FP5 08/22/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Trap information is not shown in the TEP GUI for an Agent Builder Agent 08/22/2017
ITM Agent Insights: ITCAM for DB2 monitoring agent (UD) returns -4 value indicating "Not Available" for KUDINFO00 and KUDSYSINFO attributes 08/24/2017
ITM Agent Insights: ITM Application Support Installer (ITMASI) does not update "TEPB" / "tws" application support 08/25/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Security scans reporting "weak cyphers" or vulnerable ports against ITM / ITCAM agents 08/28/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Exporting Content Store in TCR 09/29/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Installing IBM Installation Manager on Linux 12/27/2017
ITM Agent Insights: A Command Return Code agent using Agent Builder 12/27/2017
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: Introducing the Log File Agent - LO 01/17/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: Initial problem determination steps for Log File Agent - LO 01/17/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: LO debugging - Missing subnodes for Tivoli Log File (LO) agent 01/17/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Deleting instances for the Tivoli Log File (KLO) agent 02/28/2018
ITM Agent Insights: ASM Diskgroup attribute group cannot return an attribute value state = DISMOUNTED 02/28/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Multiple ITMAgent* files under /etc/init.d 03/08/2018
ITM Agent Insights: ITM OS Agent Reports import fails 03/14/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Logical Disk name mismatch - Windows OS (NT) Agent 03/19/2018
ITM Agent Insights: 50 Shades of Blue – Detecting APAR IV81845 03/19/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Off-line monitoring agents due to missing application support 06/08/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Migrating ITM agents from 32-bit to 64-bit on Windows 06/08/2018
ITM Agent Insights: VMWare VI agent connectivity debugging 06/13/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Agent systems missing from COGNOS based TCR Operational Reports 06/13/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Agentless Linux monitoring agent (R4) missing subnodes under "Managed Systems" 06/18/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Agentless Linux monitoring agent (R4) configuration walk-through 06/18/2018
ITM Agent Insights: vCSA support with VMware VI monitoring agent 06/18/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Debugging Universal Agent custom application using POST data provider 06/19/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: Monitoring circular logs with LO agent 06/19/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Agent Builder custom agents relying on "Ping" data source must be run as "root" on UNIX / Linux. 06/20/2018
ITM Agent Insights: IBM Dashboard Services Hub (DASH) fails to display the Reporting option 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Limitations to monitoring a Symbolic Link versus File  using the Linux OS agent 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Incorrect agent name displayed in Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) client 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Windows agent fails to return performance data 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Tivoli Log File Agent (KLO) fails to locate the source files 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: ITM CEC agent shows all LPARs show up as unmonitored 06/30/2018
ITM Agent Insights: Watchdog Service Monitoring OS Agents 08/07/2018



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