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ITM Agent Insights: Available Resources

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ITM Agent Insights: Available Resources


In our previous blog we spoke about the general principles of problem solving. Another aspect of a good troubleshooting technique is having the right tools or resources readily available. Some people carry a tool box in their vehicle to help them with unexpected problems encountered while traveling. Opening the tool box and finding the right tool for the job can mean the difference between calling someone for help or fixing the problem yourself and being on your way.

Once you have defined the problem, you need to consider what resources are available to help you resolve it. If there is any likelihood that you may work on this type of problem again, it is helpful to maintain a collection of tools to help you in the future. Think of it as populating a virtual toolbox.

This blog will provide you with resources that will make you more self sufficient when addressing problems with your agents and ITM environment. Many are available in a PDF format. Downloading the PDF to a local drive will allow you to search more efficiently than working from the web. Bookmark them for future reference.

Tivoli Documentation Central!/wiki/Tivoli%20Documentation%20Central/page/Tivoli%20Monitoring 

Here you will find:

  • Info Centers -  product manuals for different versions of Tivoli monitoring
  • Community -  links to wikis that include best practices, planning and performance tips
  • Demos & Tutorials - : multimedia links cover product training and problem resolution
  • Redbooks - comprehensive case studies on IBM products and concepts
  • Support - provides links to technotes and flashes


Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR)

Use this site to determine ITM support for OS types & versions, hypervisors & other software.


Fix Central

Look here for the latest Tivoli product group maintenance solutions and APARs available.


IBM Tivoli Monitoring Troubleshooting!/wiki/Tivoli%20Monitoring/page/Troubleshooting

Here you will find: Agent & other troubleshooting links, Technotes, White Papers, ITM Support (downloads).



Provides insights and solutions for agent and other situations in your ITM environment.


IBM eSupport Portal

This award winning site allows you access to Service Requests & PMRs, Product info and search capabilities plus other resources to manage your environment. 


Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR)

This TCR link allows access to the TCR wiki, videos, best practices, etc.

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