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KFWITM402E when login to TEPS after an upgrade

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KFWITM402E when login to TEPS after an upgrade


After an upgrade from ITM 630 FP2 you are no longer able to login to TEP because TEPS has not completed its initialization due to problem with eWAS and/or IHS.


TEP login fails with error:
KFWITM402E Communication with Tivoli Enterprise Server could not be established
TEPS never completes its startup sequence.

Diagnosing the problem

There can be different symptoms.
A common one is that the TEPS never complete its initialization because it never complete startup of service 'JVM v2.0'.
Last few lines of the TEPS RAS1 log file would be like:

(545D0C1C.0024-1:ctserver.cpp,511,"CTServer::startServerDll") KFW1002I Starting Service: 'JVM v2.0'
(545D0C1C.0025-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_USE_EMBEDDED="N"
(545D0C1C.0026-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_EWAS_START_CMD="/opt/IBM/ITM630FP3/aix536/cq/bin/"
(545D0C1C.0027-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_SQLLIB="/opt/IBM/ITM630FP3/aix536/cq/sqllib"
(545D0C1C.0028-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_EWAS_STARTSERVER_SCRIPT="/opt/IBM/ITM630FP3/aix536/iw/profiles/ITMProfile/bin/"
(545D0C1C.0029-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_EWAS_SERVER_NAME="ITMServer"
(545D0C1C.002A-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_EWAS_SERVER_PID_FILE="/opt/IBM/ITM630FP3/aix536/iw/profiles/ITMProfile/logs/ITMServer/"
(545D0C1C.002B-1:kbbssge.c,72,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_EWAS_STOPSERVER_SCRIPT="/opt/IBM/ITM630FP3/aix536/iw/profiles/ITMProfile/bin/"

Another possible thing to check is the presence/absence of port 15200 in listening.
When you are facing the issue reported in this technote, the port 15200 will not be shown in netstat output at all or at least it will be shown but not used by IHS process as it should be.

Resolving the problem

Manually recreate eWAS and IHS with one of the 2 options given below:

1. Re-install the TEPS completely.

2. If you don't want to re-install the TEPS, then you can just uninstall IHS and eWAS. Then reinstall them. Here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall IHS and eWAS.

First, make the system think IHS and eWAS need to be installed again:

   a) Set the CANDLEHOME variable to the full path of the existing ITM installation where the Portal Server is installed.
   b) Run the following commands:
rm registry/iiaix*.ver
rm registry/iuaix*.ver
rm registry/ivaix*.ver
rm registry/iwaix*.ver
rm -rf IM
rm -rf aix*/ii
rm -rf aix*/iu
rm -rf aix*/iv
rm -rf aix*/iw

Second, re-install the Portal Server from the ITM 630 FP3 install image:

   a) Set the CANDLEHOME variable to the full path of the existing ITM installation where the Portal Server is installed.
   b) Set the IMAGEDIR variable to the full path of the directory containing
   c) Run the following commands. When prompted to install the same version of the Portal Server, respond Y:


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