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ITM KCF component: what is it?

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ITM KCF component: what is it?


It is the ITCAM Configuration agent for WebSphere MQ

It's used to centralize and graphically create and/or configure WebSphere MQ objects (queue managers, queues, channels, etc)
At TEP level it makes use of a product provided Logical View (Configuration)

This component should be installed and enabled only on the HUB TEMS.

You can disable it from any RTEMS.

This can be also disabled by editing the TEMS config file

< ITMHome>/kbbenv.ini (unix/linux)


< ITMHome>\KBBENV (windows)

and remove the CF module that is KCFFEPRB.KCFCCTII from KDS_RUN

Then restart the related TEMS to make the change effective.



Basically you have the CF component installed on TEMS.

CF is the server side and the MC agent (MQ Configuration agent) installed on the monitored WMQ environments are the clients that sends data to the CF.

These are the basic operations done by CF component with :

- Configuration data is added to the database by “Discover”
- Configuration data is updated in the database by “Update Defined from Actual”
- Changes to the data in the database are made via the TEP
- Differences between the Real World and database can be viewed
- Data can be validated before updating Real World data
- Real World data is updated by “Update Actual from Defined”
- Changes to Real World data are written to an Audit Log


This is picture showing the high-level architecture


























Hope this helps






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