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MQ Monitoring agent: count for message statistics

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MQ Monitoring agent: count for message statistics


Generally speaking it's quite easy (there is an ad hoc workspace on TEP) to get message count statistics (eg messages put/read, etc) from the Queue level for both recent history and historical data coming from datawarehouse DB.
Anyway there are cases in which a customer may be interested to get the some message statistics at queue manager level and so the TEP view should show a sum of all the messages put/read in all queues in a specific queue manager.
MQ monitoring agent does not provide such a view out of the box and so you need to do a little hand work.


However if you are collecting historical queue statistics in your TDW db and you are doing summarization of data (eg Daily), then you may simply create a custom SQL query against the TDW db and show the SUM_Messages_Put and SUM_Messages_Read in a TEP view for example.
To do this, you can create a new query selecting ODBC --> ITM Warehouse as Data Source and MQSERIES as Category:
























Then, in the Custom SQL panel use a proper SELECT statement like:

SELECT SUM("SUM_Messages_Put") AS MSGSPUT, SUM("SUM_Messages_Read") AS MSGSREAD FROM ITMUSER."Queue_Long_Term_History_D" WHERE "MQ_Manager_Name"='QM041031'

This will show the SUM of the Msgs Put/Read in each day (I have only 1 day as of now) for a specific queue manager.


Then you can create a TEP table view  


go into the Properties of the table view and "Click here to assign a query"...then assign the query you created above.


Additionally you may wonder if it's possible to utilize the time span to generate a report for hourly or daily or monthly and see the trend for example. Or generate daily volume from date X to date Y.
Basically it's possible and still quite simple by filtering the output of the SELECT statements above using a WHERE clause on
WRITETIME for the raw table
eg day July 25th:
SELECT SUM("Messages_Put") AS MSGSPUT, SUM("Messages_Read") AS MSGSREAD FROM ITMUSER."Queue_Long_Term_History" WHERE "MQ_Manager_Name"='QM041031' AND WRITETIME LIKE '1170725%'

Sample_Date_and_Time for the Daily/Hourly table
eg day July 25th:
SELECT SUM("SUM_Messages_Put") from ITMUSER."Queue_Long_Term_History_D" WHERE  "MQ_Manager_Name"='QM041031' AND "Sample_Date_and_Time" LIKE '1170725%'

Hope this helps




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