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MQ Monitoring agent: "MQ Channel Statistics" workspace is empty

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MQ Monitoring agent: "MQ Channel Statistics" workspace is empty


The "MQ Channel Statistics" workspace does not contain any data.
No data in the mentioned workspace even if:
- STATISTICS(YES) has been coded in the MQ agent .cfg file
- MQI statistics collection is enabled in WebSphere MQ

It may happen that there is no valid channel activity.
To troubleshoot this problem you can run the following command on the machine where the affected Queue Manager (QMGR) is installed:
amqsmon -m <QMGR-Name> -c -t statistics -b > amqsmon.rpt  

Then you need to check the content of amqsmon.rpt file and confirm it contains:
"0 records processed".
If this is the case, this means that there is no activity on channels for the involved queue manager and so the fat that the "MQ Channel Statistics" workspace is empty is working as designed.

Basically the explanation is that channels are only used for communications between Queue Managers.
So if you are using just one Queue Manager, MQ Channel Statistics workspace being empty is an expected behavior.



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