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No data in "Current State Overview" and "Current State details" workspaces for SAP Agents

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No data in "Current State Overview" and "Current State details" workspaces for SAP Agents


After some time I was asked again to work in a problem scenario dealing with CCMS Alerts and MTE State.

In the specific, one of my customers complained about a strange behavior of the "Current State Overview" and "Current State Details" workspaces :

when a new CCMS Alerts arrives to TEP and it is showed in the CCMS Monitoring default workspace, also workspaces "Current State Details" and "Current State Overview" are correctly populated and show information
about Monitor and Monitor Set names, topology, Current State and so on.
Anyway, after some time, despite the Alert is still showed in the CCMS Monitoring workspace, the workspace Current State Overview is
completely empty, while the view in Current State Detail workspace showing a single rows where all the columns are empty but Current State one, showing "Unknown".

This is not actually a problem.

The two workspaces "Current State Overview" and "Current State Details", are populated with data from attribute group called "CCMS Current State".

This attribute group launches the function module  /IBMMON/ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE and then ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE will call ITM_CCMS_ALERTS function.
It is important to consider that the data collection for this attribute group is on-demand, so basically it is only requested when a request comes from ITM
(for real time requests on TEP or for situation and historical collections).

Instead, the attribute group Alerts (used in the default workspace for CCMS Monitoring navigator item) is cached : it means agent gets data from SAP systems (discovered and returned by the ABAP code deployed by the agent) and store it in a local cache.

When a request arrive, the information is actually read from the agent cache.

So it is possible to have different results in the workspaces depending when the data collection takes place.


I will try to describe here what actually can happen.
Let's suppose an Alert is generated at 10:50:35 AM.

1) When the alert "Alert1" triggered at 10:50:35, it is showed on TEP in "CCMS Monitoring" default workspace because the attribute group "Alerts" received it from SAP system.

2) If you immediately check workspaces "Current State Overview" and "Current State Details", SAP Agent asks to collect data for attribute group CCMS Current State.
This results in the execution of the function module  /IBMMON/ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE on SAP.
The function module finds the active alert and it collects all the related information, including the MTE Current State, that is then showed on TEP client workspaces.
So at this time you have a consistent situation between the different workspaces.

3) When you check again workspaces "Current State Overview" and "Current State Details" some time later, agent runs a new data collection for attribute group CCMS Current State,
so it runs again on SAP the function module  /IBMMON/ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE.

If in the meantime the alert was closed on SAP system, this data collection will return no rows, and so Current State Overview and Current State Details may show no data for it.

With current code level,  /IBMMON/ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE function module retrieves only records with yellow and red state.

Green alerts are only collected when a configurable "Green_Alerts check box" option at ABAP side is checked under transaction  /n/ibmmon/itm_ccmsmon.

If this check box is checked then function module will retrieve all MTE states and if it is unchecked then only red and yellow state will be retrieved.

So, if it is unchecked and the alert is no longer open in SAP, you will receive nothing from the execution of function module /IBMMON/ITM_CCMS_MTE_STATE.

In order to check whether you are in this condition, you can do this way:
when you see no data for "Current State Overview" and "Current State Details",  go on SAP system and execute manually the function module




I would expect you receive nothing.

In this case also check the "Green_Alerts" check box running transaction /n/ibmmon/itm_ccmsmon and confirm it is unchecked.

It will explain why you see no data when the alert is no longer active on SAP system.

What to do if you want the two workspaces showing always the expected info ? You just need to check the "Green Alerts checkbox:

          1) Logon to SAP GUI.
          2) Execute "/n/IBMMON/ITM_CONFIG" transaction code
          3) click /IBMMON/ITM_CCMSMON
          4) Check "Green Alerts" checkbox
          5) Save changes.

This can anyway result in a great amount of data being sent from SAP system down to the agent, with possible impacts on both SAP and agent side.
So you must pay attention and avoid to enable this option if your SAP system is medium/big size and/or if the amount of CCMS alerts generated by the system is huge.

Hope it helps

Best Regards


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