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ITM Agent Insight: How to install Universal Agent in ITM 6.3 environments

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ITM Agent Insight: How to install Universal Agent in ITM 6.3 environments


The Universal Agent was a widely used Agent prior to ITM 6.3 to enable customer's to monitor custom applications.  The IBM Tivoli Monitoring Universal Agent - compid 5724K1000 - component UM - is a deprecated component and is NOT shipped in ITM 6.3 images.   This agent has been replaced with the Agent Builder.  The latest version of the Universal Agent that is available is ITM 6.2.3 FP5.


If you need to continue to use the Universal Agent in your ITM 6.3 environment, you can use the instructions below to install the agent and its application support.


The Universal Agent application support IS included in the 6.3 ITM infrastructure image (TEMS / TEPS).
For 6.3.0-TIV-ITM-FP0006

Download the part number for the platform that matches your environment.
Installing the application support for all components from the 6.3.0-TIV-ITM-FP0006 image will install the 6.23 FP5 UM component application support.
"UM","TEMS App Support/Universal Agent","WINNT","062305000","d5326a","KUMWICMS.ver"
"UM","TEPS App Support/Universal Agent","WINNT","062305000","d5326a","KUMWICNS.ver"
"UM","TEPB App Support/Universal Agent","WINNT","062305000","d5326a","KUMWIXEB.ver"
"UM","TEPD App Support/Universal Agent","WINNT","062305000","d5326a","KUMWIXEW.ver" 

To install the UM agent itself, download the agent image from the 6.2.3-TIV-ITM-FP0005 maintenance package from Fix Central:

The specific file that will be needed is the agent package:

Packages from Fix Central are "maintenance" packages that require a prior licensed base package to upgrade if installing locally on an agent endpoint.  If there is no prior 6.23 "base" UM agent already installed, copy the 6.2.3-TIV-ITM_TMV-Agents-FP0005.tar.gz to the TEMS system, then add the UM component to the TEMS depot using "tacmd addBundles" command.

With the UM component in the TEMS remote deploy depot, use "tacmd addSystem" to remotely deploy the UM component to target systems, or use "tacmd exportBundles" to create a silent install image that can be installed manually on target systems.

NOTE: It is not possible to use remote deploy to install monitoring agents to systems containing TEMS / TEPS / TEP components.  Instead of using remote deploy to install Universal Agent to a system containing TEMS / TEPS / TEP component, create a silent install image using "tacmd exportBundles" command specific to the platform where you need to install the UM component.
tacmd exportBundles -e C:\ITM_extract\UA_bundle -o LOCAL -t UM -p WINNT
KUICEB023I: Are you sure you want to export the following bundles to the C:\ITM_extract\UA_bundle directory?
Product Code : UM Deployable : True Version : 062305000 Description : Universal Agent Host Type : WINNT Host Version : WINNT Prerequisites: KUICEB024I: Enter Y for yes or N for no: y
KUICEB020I: Exporting bundles to the C:\ITM_extract\UA_bundle directory. The time required to complete this operation depends on the number and size of the exported bundles.
KUICEB022I: The following bundles were successfully exported to the C:\ITM_extract\UA_bundle directory:
Product Code : UM Deployable : True Version : 062305000 Description : Universal Agent Host Type : WINNT Host Version : WINNT Prerequisites:
KUICEB027I: You cannot interactively install the exported agent bundle using as many interactive elements have been optimized for remote transmission and silent execution using software distribution technologies.
Install cmds : Unix : / Windows : \silentInstall.bat 


Copy the contents of the exported bundle to the system where you need to install the Universal Agent, and run the silentInstall.bat / .sh file.  Since the silent install image was created from the contents of the TEMS remote deploy depot, it will not require a prior licensed base UM component to upgrade, and you can install the 6.23 FP5 UM component directly on the new system.


If you are needing to install the Universal Agent on AIX, then the export bundles need to be run from that platform.


PLEASE NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you use the Agent Builder instead of the Universal Agent since there is no new development for the Universal Agent.  You can accomplish the same result with the Agent Builder that you were able to do with the Universal Agent.


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