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ITM Agent Insights: Agent startup results in commonWatchdogUtilities error

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ITM Agent Insights: Agent startup results in commonWatchdogUtilities error


When attempting to start the Linux OS agent, it results in a failure to start the watchdog with an error stating that it is unable to find the file or directory for


You may see the following symptom:

The Linux OS agent starts and connects as expected. However, the watchdog fails to start and the following error is observed:

Checking status of Watchdog

     ./[34]: .:                                        
     /opt/IBM/ITM//lz/bin/ cannot open [No such file or directory]                                            
     Watchdog not running, proceeding to start Watchdog                 
     Watchdog is now running, PID is <pid> 


What causes this?

When you observe the reported location of the file, you will note that the architecture directory is missing. As an example, the file should be in the following directory:



How can you resolve it?

Specifying the following variable in the lz.ini file resolves the issue:



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