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ITM Agent Insights: Tivoli Portal does not show data for all Agent Builder JMX MBeans

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ITM Agent Insights: Tivoli Portal does not show data for all Agent Builder JMX MBeans


Ths blog will help to resolve issues when the Tivoli Portal does not show data for all Agent Builder JMX MBeans.

You created a JMX agent, using the Agent Builder, to return data from several MBeans. The agent and its application support is installed.  However, when selecting the attributes in TEP in order to view data, some will return data while other attributes do not return data.

This issue can occur if the operating system selected for the individual attribute is not compatible with the operating system the agent is installed on. For example, you can individually specify the operating system for each attribute in Agent Builder in the lower section of the JMX Attribute Group Information screen. If one attribute is set for 'Linux 2.6', while another is set for 'All Windows', and the agent is installed in a Windows environment, data will only be returned for the attribute that is set for All Windows.

This is not limited to just JMX agents created with agent builder. When you view the logs with tracing, you will only notice that a query is run for the compatible operating system. However, viewing Performance Object Status for that agent in TEP should reveal the Query Name of all attributes where data will be requested. If Query Names of the attributes are not in the list, review the agent builder project to verify that the correct operating system was selected for that attribute.

To resolve the problem do the following:
1) In the agent builder project, select the Data Sources tab and then select the attribute.                              
2) In the JMX Attribute Group Information screen, scroll down to the bottom, expand Operating Systems, and select the operating systems the agent will be installed on. You can select one of the 'All...' options to cover each environment you will be installing the agent on.                                                                                                          
You will have to save the agent, regenerate and reinstall the agent and its application support for the changes to take effect.  


I hope you have found this blog useful in resolving an issue of no data showing on the TEP for your JMX agent.


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