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ITM Agent Insights: Removing a failed install of the ITM i5/OS agent

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ITM Agent Insights: Removing a failed install of the ITM i5/OS agent


This blog will show you how to handle a failed attempt at installing the ITM i5/OS agent.


Sometimes you may have an issue when you try to install the i5/OS Agent and the install fails.  You issued the RSTLICPGM command to install the ITM i5/OS agent but it failed. Then you tried to issue the DLTLICPGM 5724C04 command to uninstall the agent but it also failed.  The RSTLICPGM/DLTLICPGM 5724C04 commands fail to finish correctly and leave the agent in an unknown state.


If the ITM i5/OS Agent DLTLICPGM 5724C04 command fails, then you need to remove the various parts of the agent that have been installed. You will need to do this cleanup by hand.  Do the following in order to delete the ITM i5/OS agent:             
First try to isssue DLTLICPGM 5724C04 for the Tivoli agent.  If that does not work, then do the following i5/OS commands.                                                    
DLTLIB QAUTOMON                                                         
DLTLIB QAUTOTMP                                                         
DLTUSRPRF QAUTOMON and choose to remove all objects owned by this user.


start qsh                                                               
delete /QIBM/USERDATA/IBM/ITM and all sub directories in it.                 
delete /QIBM/PRODDATA/IBM/ITM and all sub directories in it.   


Once this cleanup has been done you should be able to install the i5 Agent.  Retry the RSTLICPGM commands specified in the User's Guide.


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