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ITM Agent Insights: Remote deploy of an agent built using Agent Builder

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ITM Agent Insights: Remote deploy of an agent built using Agent Builder


This blog will explain how to remotely deploy an agent built by using Agent Builder.


An agent that is built using the Agent Builder application can also be deployed remotely like any other agent. Below is the procedure to do the same:

a) Login to the HUB TEMS using:
tacmd login -s <TEMS HOST NAME>

b) Add the agent bundle to the TEMS depot:
tacmd addbundles -t <pc> -i <directory>

In the above command
<pc> refers to the agent product code.
<directory> refers to the full path to the directory which has the agent bundle (tar / zip file expanded). It is also the directory that has the script/bat files for agent installation (installIraAgentTEMS.bat. etc)

c) The final step is to deploy the agent using:
tacmd addsystem -t <type> -n <managed-system>
<type> refers to the two character product code for the agent built using the agent builder.
<manage-system> refers to the managed system name of the end point. The value can also be obtained by running the command:

tacmd listsystems -t <type>


If the agent is connected to a remote TEMS instead of to a HUB TEMS directly, the bundles need to be added to the remote TEMS also.  If there are several remote TEMS, a common depot can be used.

More information on setting up a common depot can be found in the following link:


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