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ITM Agent Insights: Linux Processes and Processor Data not showing in TEP Workspace

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ITM Agent Insights: Linux Processes and Processor Data not showing in TEP Workspace


This blog will talk about missing attributes in the TEP for the Agentless Linux Agent.


If you are having issues with the Linux Processes and Processor data workspaces not showing up in your TEP for the Agentless Monitor for Linux installed on a Windows server, you can check the following troubleshooting tips.

There is a kr4.ref file in the %CANDLE_HOME% directory.  This lists all the OIDs that the agent queries.                                         
If you search for "Processes" you will see a section that then lists the attributes and associated OIDs collected for each attribute:            
<attribute_group help_text="Data gathered from SNMP Object hrSWRunTable." name="Processes"            
For example,
  OID= is for Process PID (index),
  OID= is for Process name.

What should be done is to run the snmpwalk from the machine where the Agentless agent is running and target the Linux remote host in the command. The snmpwalk is an SNMP application that uses SNMP GETNEXT requests to query a network entity for a tree of information.  
For example:
 snmpwalk -v 1 -c public <linux host> <OID>

This file can be used to get the OIDs to validate that snmpwalk, when run from the machine where the Agentless Agent is running to the remote machine, is able to obtain the data from SNMP.  If not, then there is still a configuration issue on the remote machine (such as more OIDs need to be specified in the snmp.conf file.  
The first step would be to run the snmpwalk for each of the OIDs to make sure you are able to get data correctly. If you find you are getting the data correctly, but still not seeing it correctly in the TEP, then open a PMR to support and send the following:                                   
   - The snmpwalk of the OIDs in question                        
   - Increase tracing on the Agentless agent.  To increase tracing you will need you to do the following:
             Set KBB_RAS1 in <ITMhome>/config/r4.ini to
                  KBB_RAS1=ERROR (UNIT:SNMP ALL)
             Recycle the ITM KR4 agent instances to pick up the change to the KBB_RAS1= value         

- Recreate the issue and send us the *r4*.log files for the run along with a screen capture to make sure we are looking at the same attribute(s)


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