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ITM Agent Insights: VMWare VI agent does not return any data in the TEP

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ITM Agent Insights: VMWare VI agent does not return any data in the TEP


In this blog, I will discuss one possible scenario of when the VMWare VI agent does not show any data in the TEP.


The VMware VI agent consists of 2 parts; the Agent, which connects to TEMS, and the collector which connects to the vCenter or ESX server and collects the data.
They are writing to two different logs:

1) Agent log:
<hostname>_vm_<instance name>_kvmagent_<timestamp>.log

2) Collector log:
kvm_data_provider_<instance name>_<count>.log


Each time when the agent starts or ends, it also should start/end the collector.  Sometimes this does not happen and the collector still runs.  To check this, compare the timestamps of the two logs:

Agent log:
+516E7F7D.0000   MAC1_ENV Macro: 0xC112             Start Date: 2016/04/17
+516E7F7D.0000       Start Time: 11:54:53                     CPU Count: 2

Collector log:
2016-04-17 11:54:54 10 CONFIG: Data Provider Build: 20100816-170453

You can see from above they match.


However, if there is no new data collector log, maybe the collector has hung and is still running.  Check the latest data collector log for this:

2016-04-17 11:54:54 10 CONFIG: Process ID: 9696


As the hanging process is a java.exe process, it is not easy to recognize if there are multiple java.exe processes running.  That is why you need to find the Process ID.  In this case, the data collector has process ID 9696.


To resolve the above situation, do the following:

1) Stop the VMWare VI agent
2) Kill the java.exe process which has the Process ID taken from the data collector log
3) Restart the agent


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