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ITM Agent Insight: Using the "itmpatch" command to perform agent upgrades.

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ITM Agent Insight: Using the "itmpatch" command to perform agent upgrades.


The "itmpatch" command is used to update an agent to a specific interim fix. The specific instructions for the itmcmd command are provided in the corresponding interim fix readme.txt. This is different from the normal install of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) components e.g.: monitoring agents or Fix Pack upgrade, there you can execute setup.exe on Windows platforms and use the script on Unix or Linux platforms. Interim Fixes however cannot be upgraded in this manner. 


In order to assist with the execution of this command, I have posted a couple of videos both for Windows and Linux/Unix platform below. The Log File Agent is used as an example in these videos but you can use this command to upgrade any agent or for that matter an ITM components using this command.


How to run itmpatch command on Windows:
How to run itmpatch command on Unix:


It is important you follow the steps highlighted above and make sure you refer to the readme.txt for the associated agent Interim Fix.


Happy Upgrade :-)


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