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ITM Agent Insight: Configuring a Log File Agent (LFA) in Base Mode

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ITM Agent Insight: Configuring a Log File Agent (LFA) in Base Mode


The Tivoli Log File Agent (LFA) is one of the most widely used agents. The LFA is an agent that provides a configurable log file monitoring capability that uses regular expressions. For compatibility, the agent can consume the configuration information and format strings previously used by the Tivoli Event Console Log File Adapter. These strings allow the agent to filter the log data according to patterns in the format file, and submit only the interesting data to an event consumer. More information about these can be found in the LFA user guide:


The LFA can be configured in Base mode or the Auto-discovery mode. I have posted a couple of videos which walk through each step of the LFA configuration in the Base mode.

Configure Log File Agent on Windows:

Configure Log File Agent on Linux/UNIX:


I have specified a few pointers on what needs to be changed in order to configure the agents in Auto-discovery mode. More information can be found in the LFA user guide as well. Also note that the key for an LFA to work properly is to have the regular expression defined properly. Hope this helps you setting up an LFA instance in your environment.


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