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ITM Agent Insights: Reporting - Cognos Configuration & Connection Check

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ITM Agent Insights: Reporting - Cognos Configuration & Connection Check


This blog will provide a step-by-step procedure to check the content store database (default = TCRDB) connection. In a nutshell the TCRDB holds the report formats. If the connection to the content store database is not established, you will not be able to access reports. The TCRDB is NOT the same as the TDW (or Warehouse) database which holds the ITM warehouse data. A successful connection to the TCRDB helps you access the "Tivoli Common Reporting" portal through DASH or stand-alone. This is an important check after the TCR installation in JazzSM (Jazz for Service Management) bundle has completed.


One of the common dispatcher error: "DPR-ERR-2109 The dispatcher cannot service the request at this time. The dispatcher is still initializing. Contact your administrator if this problem persists." can be resolved by checking the Content Store configuration.

NOTE: In rare instances you may have to drop and rebuild TCRDB if the following steps do not yield successful results.


Content store connection and configuration is set up here:

Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Tivoli Common Reporting 2.1.1 -> IBM Cognos Configuration

UNIX/Linux: TCR 2.1.1: <install_dir>/tipv2Components/TCRComponent/cognos/bin64/
                     Example: /opt/IBM/tivoli/tipv2Components/TCRComponent/cognos/bin64/

                     TCR 3.1: <install_dir>/ reporting/cognos/bin64/
                     Example: /opt/IBM/JazzSM/reporting/cognos/bin64/

NOTE: On UNIX the command brings up a GUI so an X server will have to be running.

The 2 areas in the Cognos configuration that we check to confirm the connection entries are:

  1. Environment
  2. Data Access -> Content Manager -> IBM Cognos Content Store

    To test the content store connection: Right click “IBM DB2 Content Store” and select Test It will tell you if the connection is successful

NOTE: The Step 2. highlighted above is the key for a successful connection.


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