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ITM Agent Insights: Exporting Content Store in TCR

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ITM Agent Insights: Exporting Content Store in TCR


In several instances many TCR users upgrade from 2.X to 3.X release. The one thing that is useful in such scenarios is to migrate the content store. I will highlight these steps with screenshots in the following post:


  1. Login to the reporting portal, ensure the report is part of My Folders for test users
  2. Click Launch > Administration
  3. Select Configuration
  4. Under this selection go to Content Administration
  5. Click "New Export" icon
  6. Enter a suitable name for the backup folder
  7. Make the highlighted selections on the next screen
  8. Select the earlier archived package
  9. Click "Set the encryption password" and enter the password on the next screen
  10. Click Next
  11. Select the option "Save and run once", then click Finish
  12. Click Run
  13. Select the check boxes as shown below and then click OK
  14. The next screen shows the status of the run. It is important to ensure there are no failure messages. In the case highlighted, the documented message means user information cannot be exported and will need to be manually created on the target machine
  15. Navigate to the C:\IBM\tivoli\tipv2Components\TCRComponent\cognos\deployment. Copy the file and move it to new machine where TCR 3.X (Jazz for Service Management - JazzSM) is installed
  16. The default JazzSM location where the file needs to be moved is: C:\IBM\JazzSM\reporting\cognos\deployment\
  17. Create the same test user in the JazzSM WAS console. Assign the tcrportaloperator role to the test user
  18. Open reporting and choose the import option. Select the exported Content store
  19. Click Next
  20. Enter the encryption password and click OK
  21. Click Next
  22. Select the check box "user account information" and click Next
  23. Click Finish
  24. On the next screen choose Run. Select the check box "View the details of this import after closing this dialog box", then click OK
  25. Select Refresh if the data does not appear
  26. Click OK when import finishes
  27. Login as test user and check reports under My Folders


Once you complete the steps listed above the Content Store will be successfully transferred in the new TCR 3.X environment. Happy Export.




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