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ITM Agent Insights: Installing IBM Installation Manager on Linux

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ITM Agent Insights: Installing IBM Installation Manager on Linux


The following post will help you install the IBM Installation Manager (IIM) on a Linux server. IIM is widely used to install components of the Jazz for Service Management (JazzSM) package. This post will only cover a plain vanilla install of the IIM product which can later be used to install any JazzSM services. The write up assumes you have the root privileges on the server and are able to create an admin user for the install. In this example I have installed IIM version

  1. First create a admin account via. command line on the server.
  2. For example IIM will be used for JazzSM which will be used for IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) OS Agent reports or any other reports package. You can name it smadmin
  3. Here is the what you will need to do in the command line interface before installing IIM
    1. First make sure you are the root user.  To do so execute su - root
    2. groupadd smadmin
    3. useradd –c “Jazz User” –g smadmin itmuser
    4. passwd itmuser
    5. ** now this is where you create a password for the account in this example itmpasswd is used
    6. Next create directory for the install
    7. mkdir –p /opt/IBM/itm
    8. cd /opt
    9. chown –R itmuser:smadmin IBM
    10. Now log in as the itmuser.  To do so type su – itmuser
    11. cd /opt/IBM/itm
    12. mkdir IM
    13. cd IM
    14. mkdir –p InstallManager/eclipse
    15. mkdir IBMIMData
    16. mkdir IBMIMShared
    17. cd ..
    18. mkdir core NcKL
    19. mkdir IIMinstall
  4. Now is the time to go out and download the correct version of IIM
  5. For this example its on a Linux x86 64 bit machine
  6. Go to IBM Fix Central site and sign in.
  7. This should bring you to the exact fix pack needed for the install. Then click download.
  8. Once downloaded move the file from the download director by doing this
    1. cd IIMinstall
    2. mv /home/ibmadmin/DownloadDirector/ .
    3. if it says permission denied make sure you make yourself the root user again then go back and do move it again
  9. now unzip the file by typing unzip
  10. Lastly install it by typing ./groupinstc -dL /opt/IBM/itm/IM/IBMIMData -acceptLicense -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/itm/IM/InstallationManager/eclipse
  11. Then type these commands after it
    1.  chmod 777 /opt/IBM/itm/IM/InstallationManager
    2. chmod –R g+rwx /opt/IBM/itm/IM/InstallationManager/eclipse/configuration
    3. chgrp -R itmadmin /opt/IBM/itm/IM/InstallationManager/eclipse/configuration
  12.  Finally, to run IIM type this /opt/IBM/itm/IM/InstallationManager/eclipse/IBMIM

These steps will enable you to complete the IIM installation on a Linux server. This can be later used to install the JazzSM services or any other product set you desire to install using IIM.


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