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ITM Agent Insights: Deleting instances for the Tivoli Log File (KLO) agent

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ITM Agent Insights: Deleting instances for the Tivoli Log File (KLO) agent


The following blog will provide the steps needed to delete instances for the Tivoli Log File (KLO) agent if configured incorrectly. For the Tivoli Log File agent (multi-instance), deleting an unwanted instance can give conflicting results in Tivoli Enterprise Portal and when you execute the "cinfo -c lo". The "cinfo -c lo" command shows additional instances which were deleted.  The Tivoli Enterprise Portal only shows the current instances.


During configuration, the Tivoli Log File agent makes several entries in different files while creating each individual instance. It is important to clear out these entries in order to delete the instance completely. You can compare the instance names displayed under Tivoli Enterprise Portal and the "cinfo -c lo" command. You will notice additional instances under  "cinfo -c lo" output.


Entries for "lo default" under "cinfo -c lo" are standard.  This is the default instance.  Do not delete any of these entries.


To remove the additional entries (unwanted instances) under "cinfo -c lo", delete the following files:      


 1) Under $CANDLEHOME/config delete the following files:

    - <instancename>.config, 

    - <hostname>_<instancename>.cfg,             

    - <HOSTNAME>_<instancename>.cfg.


2) Under $CANDLEHOME/config/.ConfigData delete the entries for "loagent" (instance) in the ConfigInfo file.                                         

NOTE: .ConfigData is a hidden directory and viewed only after you execute ls -a                                                           

3) Under /etc/init.d/ITMAgentsX where X=1 or 2,  remove the entries for "loagent" instance under the start_all and stop_all subroutines.                                                   


4) After this execute the "cinfo -c lo" command and verify the output. This should have the same entries as seen in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.


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