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ITM Agent Insights: Logical Disk name mismatch - Windows OS (NT) Agent

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ITM Agent Insights: Logical Disk name mismatch - Windows OS (NT) Agent


The logical disk names on the server via. disk management and explorer do not match what is presented in Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) views.




IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) uses Perfmon to pull data for Logical Disk. The following list specifies the collection methods used for each attribute group.   



Under Perfmon

- add one of the counters  

- Performance Object > "LogicalDisk" show the exact name for each disk under "Instance". 

- This name should be seen in TEPS.




Perfmon uses the drive letter, or mount point to identify the disks (or HardDiskVolume# when they are not mounted).  The ITM agent is uses the same naming schema because it is unique.


The information under "Disk management" and "Explorer" is the so called "Volume label" that can be defined when creating the logical disk (e.g. using disk management interface).                    

This label is optional (it can be empty), it can be changed at any time and it is not unique (two disks can have the same label). Hence the names do not match.


NOTE: As you can see in the two images posted above the drive names are identical. So there is NO mismatch. So TEP client provides the information as obtained from Performance Monitor.




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