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APM HA: some clarifications

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APM HA: some clarifications


This is a short article to clarify some points about the APM HA implementation as reported at

Specifically this focus on creation and handling of VIP in an APM HA configuration.

Basically creation of VIP addresses is something outside the specific APM instructions and should be performed (and known) by a system administrator.
That said, as reported in the document at the link above, VIPs can be and removed by using ifconfig command:


[...] If you are using a virtual IP, you would use ifconfig to remove the VIP from server “B” and use ifconfig to assign the VIP to server “A”. [...]



Explanations and sample instructions about how to create VIPs for servers can be found at:


However this task can also be accomplished using IBM Tivoli System Automation as confirmed by the owner of the APM HA document.

A customer can use TSAMP for the automation of DB2. The purchase of DB2 includes the license for TSAMP.  TSAMP is included in the package for DB2 under the TSAMP directory. It is automatically installed when you install DB2 unless you intentionally omit it or the prereq checker for TSAMP determines TSAMP cannot be installed.  The utility for configuring TSAMP for DB2 is called db2haicu.
If a customer intends to use TSAMP for APM, there are two issues:

1) We are not sure if the purchase of APM includes a license to use TSAMP with APM.

2) TSAMP requires scripts to stop, start, and monitor. We do not have these scripts for APM. Instead the customer would need to use generic scripts like apm start_all, apm stop_all, and apm status.


Finally a clarification.
The APM HA document mentions an script which is not provided. Anyway I have been confirmed by the doc owner that the is the same as script which is documented in the doc.


Hope this helps







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