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MQ Monitoring agent: Queue Status view trick

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MQ Monitoring agent: Queue Status view trick


You did want to use the Queue Status table view to monitor real-time data from the queues but the view only showed the queues with current depth greater than 0.
How can you solve this issue?

By default that view contains only queues with current depth > 0, anyway you can do a little trick to make it show all the queues.

1) Goes to the Queue Status view in the Queue Status workspace
2) Rightclick on the table and select Properties
3) From Properties page, click on the button "Click here to assign a query"
4) Rightclick on the product provided query called "Queue Status" and select "Create Another Query" (product provided query cannot be modified).
5) In the new query change the column Queue Name into: "Return a subset of the string" > 1,!
6) Click OK and OK.
7) The new customized Queue Status view will show up with all the queues.

Hope this helps


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